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Published: 05th June 2013
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Every one has the own assessments about Vietnam, but our recent trip to Vietnam revealed a nice and varied scenery from tranquil beaches to rugged mountains, great cuisine, friendly people, and a fascinating culture. Each place in this country boasts its own distinctive characteristics that lure people immediately at the first glimpse.

Our journey to Hanoi was emphasized by a short rickshaw trip throughout the bustling old quarter streets where most roads specialize in a distinct type of merchandise. That is a very restful way to see Hanoi, nevertheless don't forget to haggle and agree to a rate in advance. Would you like to witness locals daily activities, take a stroll around Hoan Kiem Lake, and traverse an aged-long curved bridge connecting to a small island with a temple on it. Nearby the lake, tourists also can attend the water marionette performance. In the tour of discovering Ha Long Bay, a majestic and mysterious beauty, doing a kayak gave us strong feelings. Our group explored complicated rocks, paddled long dim sea caves and visited cliff-lined internal lagoons …. Rise up for a breath taking on sundeck, and be ready with our camera for photo chances in the serene bay: nightfall and sunrise on the water created an impressive seascape painting. With a kayak, you need a number of practices, particularly when sharing it with a partner. Bai Dinh Pagoda in the northern province of Ninh Binh was an impressive place because of its great size and beautiful architecture, and also well-known for its record number of huge Buddha statues as well as two huge bronze bells. You will see lots of statues in a variety of shapes and sizes, standing or sitting on both sides. In front of pagoda valley, there is a huge semicircular lake, an ideal spot for photo taking. Traveling with Indochina Lands, a Agence voyage Vietnam , my friends and I had an interesting period of time with tons of active activities. Whether you choose sandy beaches, a cultural excursion, enjoy a holiday with a difference and experience the amazing, beautiful countries of Indochina.

We spent some time to visit Vong Canh hill, not far from the center of Hue City. Vong Canh Hill is a place where we enjoyed the lovely panorama of Hue especially the Kings Nguyen’s tombs. It is another beautiful spot of Hue which reflects itself charmingly in the Perfume River. From the Vong Canh Hill, we beheld green fruit gardens. The Perfume River looks like a soft silk strip winding at the foot of the hill. Once we came here at mist fading dawn or in sunset, we understood and were heartfelt the romantic beauty of a hill, a river, a corner of Hue's sky… Decorated with colorful lights and lamps along every lane, the streets of the old city of Hoi An were great for leisurely evening strolls. It was also a great experience when getting on the boat to go to a carpentry village with its arts of wood carving and sculpture.

Our cruiser went over through Cai Be floating market, where shoppers haggle with boats stocked with many fruits and vegetables, and down one of the a lot of tributaries to a village. Roaming into the village, we visited the orchard, fruit plantation. When seeing us, lovely children ran out of their house to say hi and followed us down the road. They tried to express their idea by speaking out English sentences. In Saigon, the central post office with the main entrance ornamented with intricate ironwork will certainly impress you. Another impressive site was Municipal Theatre, a magnificent building bedecked with an outdoor lighting system. And if you are a shopaholic person, do not pass up Ben Thanh market, set in the heart of Saigon town, sells the whole thing especially a lot of victuals stalls each serving a different kind of Vietnamese cuisine. Price is hefty, and you need to prepare for haggling, aggressively. Our Vietnam travel tours was a very interesting mix of the whole thing: from outstanding culture, cuisine to very friendly people!

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